Presby Pipeline Technology Advantages

20140828_EnviroSepticPipeTech_MainPage_0120140828_EnviroSepticPipeTech_MainPage_02Enviro-Septic® Pipe Technology uses an all natural process to remove up to 99% of wastewater contaminants, offering unbeatable environmental protection.

Cost Advantage

Enviro-Septic® Technology is designed to reduce cost in many ways.

  • Smaller installations require smaller excavations, smaller crews, less time and less fill material
  • Light weight components install quickly and are easy to handle and transport
  • Can be installed by hand
  • Never needs electricity or replacement media
  • Requires no expensive mechanisms, computer controls or maintenance contracts
  • Durable components made with a significant amount of recycled plastic, requiring no replacement and lasting indefinitely

The  Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES), Enviro-Septic® (ES), and Simple-Septic® (SS) Wastewater Treatment Systems are versatile products that offer a great number of installation options. Enviro-Septic® Technology can be used in many configurations and requires a smaller area than conventional leaching systems.  A 10 ft. length of AES, ES  or SS pipe can be bent to 90 degrees allowing a variety of unusual system shapes such as curved, trapezoidal, L, S, or U-shaped. Enviro-Septic® Technology may be installed on sloping sites! Advanced Enviro-Septic®, Enviro-Septic® and Simple-Septic® Systems can be installed sloping within the slope (see below), saving great expense in fill and construction time.


20140828_EnviroSepticPipeTech_30_01Enviro-Septic® Technology uses an all natural process that requires no pumps, filters or other mechanical devices to effectively treat wastewater.

  • No movable parts to break down
  • No media to replace
  • No clogging bacterial surface
  • No electricity required

Giving it the potential to last indefinitely…

Enviro-Septic® Technology has been in use for years and has an extremely low failure rate.  In the rare case a System malfunctions, it can be rejuvenated in place within as little as 72 hours.

The Size Adaptability Advantage

Enviro-Septic® Technology is adaptable in size from the smallest seasonal residence to large commercial and community installations. When treating high strength wastewater in an extremely small footprint, Enviro-Septic® Technology can be installed in a Multi-Level® configuration. This configuration makes many previously unusable sites useable and has become popular among restaurants and fast food chains.

Presby Environmental - Enviro Septic Pipe TechnologyPresby Environmental - Enviro Septic Pipe Technology

A Multi-Level® System is a minimum of two Advanced Enviro-Septic® or Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems with one built over the other.

  • Double the System’s capacity in nearly the same footprint
  • Reduce the footprint to up to 1/6th the size of a conventional system
  • May be installed in sloping configurations
  • Digest high strength wastewater
Presby Environmental - Enviro Septic Pipe TechnologyPresby Environmental - Enviro Septic Pipe TechnologyPresby Environmental - Enviro Septic Pipe Technology



Enviro-Septic® Pipe Technology needs no pumps, no filters, no electricity, no additives, and no special maintenance. Most Advanced Treatment Units (ATUs) are mechanical treatment systems that require an expensive treatment device in addition to a drainfield to disperse the wastewater. Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® combine treatment and dispersal into one small footprint. Mechanical devices must be maintained (often every six months) due to the complex nature of the treatment.

Enviro-Septic® Pipe Technology provide multiple living, breathing ecosystems that treat wastewater contaminants before releasing treated wastewater into the surrounding soils.

Advantages Over Mechanical Systems (Aerobic Treatment Units)

  • Combines treatment and dispersal into one small footprint
  • Costs much less to purchase and install
  • Requires no costly semi-annual maintenance contract
  • Adjusts easily to difficult sites and slopes
  • Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 40 Class I
  • No moving parts or computer controls to maintain
  • No mechanical devices
  • No replacement media
  • No filters

Advantages Over Conventional Systems

  • Requires much less area
  • Lasts longer
  • Costs less
  • Requires no stone
  • Installs more quickly
  • Treats wastewater more effectively
  • Adjusts easily to difficult sites and slopes
  • Uses recycled plastics
  • No filters