Spec-Check® (patent pending), developed by and available exclusively from Presby Environmental, is a portable, hand-operated device used for sorting/grading a sample of aggregate, sand or other particulate material in order to determine whether a sample meets a specification for an intended use.

Unlike a lab analysis, the Spec-Check® does not need the sample to be oven-dried to remove all its moisture content. The device is small and easy to operate, making onsite examination of materials a quick and cost-effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming sieve analyses by a laboratory.

A Spec-Check® analysis gives a “go / no-go” indication in order to assist the user in determining whether the material can be used for a particular purpose, if a full sieve analysis is required, or if an alternative supply of aggregate is needed.
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  • Device used to evaluate material’s gradation
  • Multiple concentric screens in canister
  • Evaluate gradation after shake
  • Less than 10 minute cycle
  • Inexpensive


20140828_SpecCheck_10_01Spec-Check® consists of an integrated system of screens of various sizes contained inside a transparent container.  A sand sample is applied along with a small amount of water; after the device is agitated for a few minutes, the sample will be sorted based on the particle sizes of its content. Spec-Check® enables the user to evaluate the sand quickly, onsite and before construction proceeds in order to determine whether the supplied material meets specs.


Please click on the following link for the current Spec-Check® user manual. Please check back soon for updates to the manual.

Spec-Check® Manual (March 2012 PDF)

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