The innovative onsite wastewater treatment system that is sweeping the industry!

This revolutionary onsite treatment system removes up to 98% of wastewater contaminants, recycling clean water into the environment and recharging natural water supplies. Enviro-Septic® is patented and patent-pending.




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Enviro-Septic® is an effective, passive onsite wastewater treatment system for residential, commercial, and community use. Enviro-Septic® treats wastewater that leaves the septic tank before it is dispersed to the soil, using natural bacterial processes.

  • NO mechanical devices
  • NO filters
  • NO additive
  • NO electricity
  • NO special maintenance
  • NO replacement media

Enviro-Septic® is smaller, less expensive, more adaptable and simpler to install/maintain than any comparable product on the market!

  • Each unit of Enviro-Septic®pipe is 10 feet long, has an outside diameter of 12 inches, and is clearly marked with the product’s name.
  • Snap-lock couplings, offset adapters, PVC piping and end caps are used for system assembly.
  • Readily available and easily worked System Sand is used to complete the System.

e-s-section-stages-no-b-xweb Click here to watch a video on how Enviro-Septic® Technology works.