Statewide Approval in Ohio!

The Ohio Department of Health has approved the Advanced Enviro-Septic® Treatment System on a state-wide basis with a one-foot soil depth credit for fecal coliform reduction. Select Ohio counties are also continuing to participate in an Experimental Concurrence Program with alternate bed sizing, (Jason Menchhofer, RS, Ohio Journal of Environmental Health).

Dealers and Distributors

Ohio: Mike Market of Environmental Septic Solutions based in Rockport, Indiana, is the authorized certification course instructor as well as the Ohio distributor for Advanced Enviro-Septic®. For information regarding pricing, design, or installation please contact Mike Market of ESS at (fax) 812-359-5866 or cell 812-457-3144.

Seeking Dealer Applicants: Industry qualified applicants may apply for Enviro-Septic® dealerships in the State of Ohio by completing an application form. Individuals should be involved in some aspect of the septic system business, preferably operating their own businesses. Click here to request the form.

Certification Classes

We require individuals who wish to design or install an  Advanced Enviro-Septic® or Enviro-Septic® System be certified by attending the Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Certification Class. The class offers various design and installation configurations, troubleshooting techniques and tricks of the trade. To view the class schedule and certification options click on the ‘Training and Certification’ tab above.

New Ohio online certification classes are coming soon!

Manuals and Approvals

Advanced Enviro-Septic® has been approved for use throughout the State of Ohio. This approval allows for a 1 foot reduction in distance to restrictive features and a decreased footprint. See Ohio Design and Installation Manual

Experimental Concurrence Program

Select Ohio counties are participating in an Experimental Concurrence Program where alternative sizing is used. The Indiana Enviro-Septic Design and Installation Manual is used to size these systems. The 2005 Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System Indiana Design and Installation Manual for Residential Systems has been updated to include the State approved 2007 Revisions. Click here to download the updated manual..

Forms and Worksheets

Design Worksheets
Experimental Concurrence Design Worksheets

System Installation Form:

Ohio law requires installers to submit a “System Installation Form” to Presby Environmental for all Enviro-Septic® installations. Click here to download the form.

Canal Winchester, OH

Norwalk, OH

North Bloomfield, OH

Convoy, OH

Bloomingdale, OH

Sorry - none currently listed

In Ohio, certification is required for all designers and installers. The classes are a great way to learn more about our product, even if you are not seeking certification. We strongly recommend regulators involved in the review and inspection of Advanced Enviro-Septic® systems take the certification training.

As part of certification, an assessment test is required. This should be taken only after viewing the class videos and reading the Design and Installation Manual. The test is open book and is not timed. A passing score of 70% is required for certification.

Required Reading

2010 Edition of the Advanced Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Manual

Online Certification Classes

(A high speed internet connection is required for online classes. If you don’t have access to high speed, contact us and we’ll send you a DVD. See DVD certification classes section below.)

Ohio Online Certification Training

DVD Certification Classes

If you do not have a high speed internet connection, we can mail you the presentation in DVD.

Ohio DVD Request

Online Certification Test

After viewing the reading materials and training videos, follow the link below to the assessment test. We highly recommend that you download and print the Required Reading materials for the open book test which is not timed. If you receive a score of 70% or better, you will be emailed a copy of your Presby Certification Certificate, provided you give correct and accurate contact information to ensure proper certification. Please allow five business days to process your test and deliver your certification.

OH Online Certification Test

The assessment test will only be offered online. If you have special needs contact our Training Coordinator at 800-473-5298 x26.

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