Total Suspended Solids

Presby Environmental - Total Suspended SolidsTotal Suspended Solids is a measurement of the amount of solid particles that are held in suspension and will not pass through a filter.

High enough concentrations of total suspended solids are often visible to the naked eye. Suspended particles usually require a change in temperature, pressure, chemistry, or filtration to separate from the fluids.  These types of changes can occur when the fluids flow from one environment to another.  If the solids drop out of solution in an area where the passage is small enough, they can create clogs or blockages to further flow.  In most cases the warmer the fluid, the more particles and oil-based substances can be held in solution.

Suspended solids in onsite septic systems can diminish treatment effectiveness. Many organic particles can contain compounds that create algae blooms, such as phosphorus.  Other organic compounds may reduce dissolved oxygen and increase oxygen demand in a system, making the environment less capable of supporting life in aquatic conditions.  Surface water that is protected against inflow of these suspended solids is more capable of supporting aquatic life.