Onsite wastewater treatment has come a long way, especially in the last quarter century. Alternative technology has been in use for years that treats wastewater within common water quality standards. Advanced Enviro-Septic® is NSF Standard 40 Class I Certified. AES is an onsite wastewater treatment system that removes up to 99% of wastewater contaminants without using electricity or replacement media.

Successful alternative wastewater treatment such as Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® can be used to expand centralized systems without requiring huge costly retrofit projects that take years to implement. The capacity of both Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® can be expanded in the future should the need arise. In many instances centralized and decentralized treatment can work alongside each other to protect the groundwater.

Enviro-Septic® Technology can be configured for cluster home, community, and commercial applications as well as single family dwellings. Unreliable power sources do not pose a problem for Enviro-Septic® Technology since it relies entirely on natural processes.