CentralizedWasteCentralized wastewater treatment has been a good way of handling wastewater in denser populated areas, but has always fallen short in areas of less dense population.  It is not cost effective to run sewage pipe for miles up and down hilly terrain.  This is especially true when treated water from central treatment plants is then imported long distances back to the point of origin.  Strategic pump stations and thousands of connections require constant upkeep and monitoring.  In addition, some centralized treatment plants have concentrated medications in their treated wastewater that have adverse effects on aquatic life downstream of release points.

As populations increase, expansions to treatment plants require long periods of planning and funding for larger capacities with even further growth in mind.  This causes many plants to run at lower efficiencies since they have to be constructed for projected growth and not the existing need.

Presby’s Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® technology is an innovative, low-cost solution for many communities. Presby Pipe’s scalability, flexibility and proven wastewater treatment can be the perfect solution for community wastewater treatment, especially since it doesn’t require expensive electricity-dependent equipment.