Test results confirm that Advanced Enviro-Septic® provides exceptional treatment capabilities which far exceed treatment levels required by NSF Standard 40 Class I, the  BNQ (Advanced Secondary) in Canada, and US EPA guidelines.

Advanced Enviro-Septic® Performance Testing

NSF/ANSI International, Standard 40 Class I
Certificate # 3U460-01, Issued 09/22/09
Simultaneous NSF-40 & BNQ 3680-915 Testing (Quebec)
Annex A (10/05-04/06) Report # 30825-035A
Advanced Secondary (Class III) BNQ NQ 3680-910
Bureau de Normalization du Quebec “BNQ” (Canada)
Certificate # 890, Issued 01/16/09
BNQ Testing (Quebec) under NSF-40 and BNQ Protocols
Annex A (09/07-03/08) Report # 30825-047-A and
Annex B (04/08-10/08) Report # 30825-049-A
Secondary (Class II) BNQ NQ 3680-910
Certificate # 890, Issued 01/26/07
Simultaneous NSF-40 & BNQ Testing (Quebec)
Annex A (10/05-04/06) Report # 30825-035-A
Annex B (04/06-11/06) Report # 30825-036-A