2015 Construction Expo – Augusta Civic Center!

Register for Presby Certification training at this year’s Expo. Training will be offered on Wednesday April 15, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Lunch and beverages will be provided. Click the link below to download the registration form. Don’t delay there is limited seating.

2015 Registration Form


Design & Installation Classes Sponsored by SW Collins!

Tuesday, April 28 – Caribou Inn & Convention Center (19 Main St.), Caribou ME; 9:30am – 2pm

Wednesday, April 29 – Elm Tree Diner (146 Bangor St.), Houlton, ME; 9:30am – 2pm

The trainings are free and include lunch. Please contact Leslie Jackson at SW Collins (207-496-6723; for more information or to register.

4 PDHs (pending approval) will be available for Site Evaluators and Licensed Installers who complete the class.


Advanced Enviro-Septic® Now Approved in the State of Maine!

We are proud to introduce the  Advanced Enviro-Septic® Treatment System (“AES”) in Maine. Advanced Enviro-Septic® is the next generation of our effective and reliable Enviro-Septic® technology; it has received Class I Certification under NSF International/ANSI’s Standard 40 for Wastewater Treatment Devices. The AES product is also approved for non-NSF Certified installations in Maine.  To read more, see our Maine AES Technical Bulletin.

Dealers and Distributors

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Manuals, Approvals and Forms

Design and Installation of Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) Systems in Maine: The Design and Installation criteria for AES are nearly identical to those for Enviro-Septic®; the only difference is to ensure that pipes are positioned so that the white Bio-Accelerator® is centered along the bottom of the pipe, and venting is mandatory for AES. The State of Maine has approved AES under the same terms and conditions and using the same manual as is currently being used for Enviro-Septic®. For non-NSF certified systems, the  Design and Installation Manual provide requirements for design, installation and use. It is acceptable to substitute AES into a plan for an Enviro-Septic® system; however, if the designer’s plan specifies AES, Enviro-Septic® cannot be substituted for AES. For a limited time during this transition, we will continue to offer original Enviro-Septic® to accommodate customers who have already submitted plans for or contracted for an Enviro-Septic® system. Industry Professionals who are certified to design/install Enviro-Septic® in Maine will not be required to re-certify in order to use AES; however, certification will be required for those who have not previously completed Enviro-Septic® training. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the many advantages offered by Advanced Enviro-Septic®. Certification training is now available via the convenience of online webinars.

To design and install an Advanced Enviro-Septic® or Enviro-Septic® System you will need both the design and installation manual and the state attachment. Inside the state attachment you will find the state approval as well as design and installation information specific to your state.

Presby Environmental strongly encourages all those involved in the design, installation or permitting of an onsite Enviro-Septic® System to attend a certification course. To view the class schedule and certification options available click here. The State will allow 4 PDHs (Professional Development Hours) for Site Evaluators and Licensed Installers who complete an onsite course.

As an important part of your training, please watch this orientation video by the inventor David W. Presby

Presby Environmental, Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES®)




Site Evaluators, download Enviro-Septic® HHE 200 forms here.

Maine grants significant approval changes in the Enviro-Septic® separation distances for the seasonal high groundwater table or other limiting factor in July 2004

Presby Maze®


De-Nyte®, Presby Environmental’s nitrate reduction product that utilizes entirely natural processes is approved for use in Maine.

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