Presby Maze®

The septic tank insert that pre-treats wastewater!


  • Reduces treatment field size
  • Lowers the cost of installation
  • Increases the life span of the treatment field

Some states allow up to a 35% reduction in commercial treatment or leach field area!

The Presby Maze®is patented and patent-pending and has been granted the only commercial leach bed or treatment field reduction ever allowed for passive systems by the State of New Hampshire.

What is the Presby Maze® and How Does it Work?

The Presby Maze® separates and traps the suspended solids within the tank. A network of vertical mesh panels increases the travel distance.  This larger surface area allows the suspended solids to separate naturally from the wastewater before it can exit the tank, increasing the lifespan and effectiveness of both the septic tank and the treatment field.

The Presby Maze®maze-thadwebready

  • Improves bacterial effectiveness
  • Improves separation of suspended solids
  • Increases retention time
  • Increases trapping of suspended solids

What does the Presby Maze® do for you?

  • Smaller treatment system footprints
  • Less expensive installations
  • Longer lasting treatment fields
  • Protection of soil and groundwater

No Special Maintenance Required

During normal septic tank pumping, when liquid is removed from the tank, solids separate from the mesh and drop to the bottom of the tank due to the lack of buoyancy and are pumped out.



In testing, the Presby Maze® has trapped a minimum of 92% of the suspended solids (standard septic tanks are designed to trap ~70% of the solids.) This testing includes a commercial system that services 20,000 gallons per day of high strength wastewater.

Treatment Area Reduction Allowance

By using the Presby Maze®, commercial and residential leach fields have been granted a reduction in footprint up to 35%!  The percentage of reduction varies depending on the state. Currently New Hampshire allows up to a 25% reduction. This is the only commercial reduction ever allowed for passive systems by the State!

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