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Dirty Bird



Product Description

The Dirty Bird Septic Vent Concealer disguises ugly septic vent pipes while also controlling septic odors. This install-it-yourself product turns an eyesore into a beautiful birdbath in the amount of time it takes to cut a PVC pipe with a hand saw. The patented design allows Dirty Bird to easily slip over a 4-inch PVC septic vent pipe and serve as both vent and odor control device, using an activated carbon filter that’s user replaceable. Meets or exceeds all current septic regulations. The UV stabilized rot molded low density polyethylene material is warranted for life against chipping or cracking. The birdbath basin is designed with birds in mind and meets Audubon Society specifications. Realistic premium stone finish. With all venting in the pedestal, it can also be used as a base for a gazing ball, potted plant or statuary. 32 Inch high; basin width is 23 Inch. 12.5 inch footprint. For 4-inch PVC septic vent pipes only.

Additional Information

Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 22 x 17 in

Granite, Sandstone, Terra Cotta