Advanced Enviro-Septic® Now Approved in the State of Virginia!

We are proud to introduce the  Advanced Enviro-Septic® Treatment System (“AES”) in Virginia. Advanced Enviro-Septic® is the next generation of our effective and reliable Enviro-Septic® technology; it has received Class I Certification under NSF International/ANSI’s Standard 40 for Wastewater Treatment Devices. The AES product is also approved for non-NSF Certified installations in Virginia as Level Two (TL-2), Alternative onsite system (AOSS) product. The reduced bed size of the Advanced Enviro-Septic® will allow it to be up to 75% smaller than traditional stone trench systems.

Dealers and Distributors

Sean McGuigan of Three S Environmental Inc., is the authorized certification course instructor as well as the Virginia distributor for Advanced Enviro-Septic®. For information regarding design, installation, and sales locations  please contact Sean McGuigan at [email protected], 800-690-5593, or by going to his website at

3S Eco Guide to Presby AES Technology

Certification Classes

We require individuals who wish to design or install an  Advanced Enviro-Septic® be certified by attending the Advanced Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Certification Class. The class offers various design and installation configurations, troubleshooting techniques and tricks of the trade. To view the class schedule and certification options click on the ‘Training and Certification’ tab above.

Manuals and Approvals

Advanced Enviro-Septic® has been approved for use throughout the State of Virginia.

Virginia Design and Installation Manual

Forms and Worksheets

Virginia Designers’ Worksheet

System Sampling:

Virginia law requires that all AOSS systems must be inspected after the first 180 days of use and every five years after that.