Enviro-Septic® is a cost-effective new or replacement wastewater treatment system for the State of Massachusetts.

Certification Training Classes

Presby Environmental and the Massachusetts DEP require all designers and installers of this system to be certified. It is highly recommended that those involved in the approval/permitting process also attend. Certification is obtained by attending the “Enviro-Septic® Designer and Installer Certification Course” presented by Presby Environmental, Inc., or its sanctioned representatives. To view the class schedule and certification options click on the ‘Training and Certification’ tab above.

CEUs/ TCHs May Apply

If not listed below, please contact the agency (requiring continuing education credits) directly to verify whether or not credit is offered for this course.

Credit currently offered by:

  • Berkshire County Board of Health: Annual Installer recertification
  • NEIWPCC: for both Massachusetts approved System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators, approved course # T507-0015 (2 TCHs)

Manuals and Approvals

Massachusetts Enviro-Septic Design and Installation Manual

An explanation of the manual changes since 2006 is available by clicking here.

The  “Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System Massachusetts Design and Installation Manual” must be used to design/install an Enviro-Septic® system.

Massachusetts Advanced Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Manual October 2013 Edition
Massachusetts Advanced Enviro-Septic Design Worksheet
Massachusetts Advanced Enviro-Septic STU Equivalent Design and Installation Manual 2014 Edition
Massachusetts Simple-Septic Design and Installation Manual

Forms and Checklists

Installers of Enviro-Septic® Systems must:

  1. Provide Presby Environmental, Inc., and the local approving authority with a copy of a completed “System Installation Form” for each new or remedial system installed.Click here to download.
  2. Provide the system owner and the local approving authority with a bill of lading certifying that the sand fill meets ASTM C-33 standards.

Designers of Enviro-Septic® Systems must:

  1. Provide the System owner with copies of the State’s Certification for General Use and/or Approval for Remedial Use. Please call Presby Environmental at 800-473-5298 for a copy the State’s Certification for General Use and/or Approval for Remedial Use.
  2. Provide the System owner with a copy of the system “Operating Manual”. Click here to download.
  3. Provide the System owner with a copy of the “Technology Checklist”. Click here to download.

BOH Design Review and Installation Checklist

Click here to download the Mass BOH Design Review and Installation checklist.[XLS file]