A Solution for Failed Systems

Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® are becoming the replacement System solution in many counties in Indiana.

Septic Tank Outlet Filter Requirement Waived

Septic Tank outlet filters are not required by ISDH for Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems. See the Standards below.

Certification Required

We require individuals who wish to design or install an Enviro-Septic® System be certified by attending the Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Certification Class. The class offers various design and installation configurations, troubleshooting techniques and tricks of the trade. To view the class schedule and certification options click on the ‘Training and Certification’ tab above.

Manuals, Approvals and Forms

Advanced Enviro-Septic® has been approved for use in Indiana. The Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System Indiana Design and Installation Manual for Residential Systems has been updated to include both Advanced Enviro-Septic® and Enviro-Septic®.

New Design and Installation Manuals (PDF) are now available.

Indiana Presby Pipe Design & Installation Manual


Design Worksheets have been revised and are now available in a single form. Old Indiana Worksheet Template

System Installation Form: Indiana law requires installers to submit a “System Installation Form” to Presby Environmental for all Enviro-Septic® installations.Click here to download:  Indiana Installation Form


ISDH conducted a number of Enviro-Septic® site inspections during the spring of 2009 to assess how well these systems are functioning. While the vast majority of Enviro-Septic® Systems were installed correctly and functioning properly, there were a few design/installation errors that were seen frequently enough to warrant corrective action. The various problems identified had one thing in common-the result was hydraulic overload (flooding) of the treatment field. Since Enviro-Septic® is an aerobic treatment system, saturated conditions are detrimental to its function. Not surprisingly, these problems became most noticeable during the heavy rains that occurred in the spring of 2009, when onsite systems were subjected to heavy storm water run-off.

The Design Worksheet  and the accompanying materials give you the benefit of knowledge and experience we’ve developed through the years, and we’re confident that using them will make your job easier and help ensure the quality of Enviro-Septic® designs and installations in Indiana.

The Design Worksheet (pdf) was developed in cooperation with ISDH. In an effort to ensure consistent, high-quality design and installation of Enviro-Septic® systems, PEI and ISDH are strongly recommending the use of this form. Consistent use of this form by all designers and installers will also make it easier for the local health departments to perform their required inspections. In order to assure that everyone involved is “on the same page,” completed forms are to be provided to the designer, the installer, the system owner and the local health officer. Click here for a helpful, informative presentation on the use of the new worksheets. The Installation Checklist is available within the Design Worksheet(pdf) and as a stand alone form. It can be a valuable inspection tool.

View the original letter sent to Indiana industry professionals concerning The Indiana Training Update.

Hydraulic Loading Technical Bulletin

The Indiana Training Update Technical Bulletin provides detailed information about potential causes of hydraulic overloading and what can be done to prevent it.

  • Crowning during final grading
  • Installing of swales
  • Lowering of seasonal high water table with perimeter drains
  • Insuring that foundation drains, sump pumps and gutter systems not discharge in the system area

Update for Raised Connection and Tee Baffle Installations

There is an update providing details illustrating the correct installation methods for raised connections and tee baffles in the distribution box.

Owner’s Manual

During these site inspections, it was discovered that some system flooding issues were the result of the system owner’s actions after the system was installed.

  • Filled in or altered swales
  • Failed to inspect the outlets of their perimeter drain to remove obstructions
  • Directed water from drains or gutter systems to the treatment field area
  • Made changes, having no idea where their treatment field was located

In an effort to educate homeowners about the proper use and care of an Enviro-Septic® System, we have developed Owner’s Manuals.

AES Owner’s Manual (PDF)

ES Owner’s Manual (PDF)

We recommend that you

  • Print out a manual and provide one to each system owner before their new system is put into use, or
  • Direct owners to the website and encourage them to familiarize themselves with these important instructions that will enhance their system’s function and maximize its longevity.

While Enviro-Septic® is “Technology New to Indiana,” it has been used with exceptional results for over 15 years throughout New England and across Canada, with about 100,000 systems in the ground. There is a learning curve when introducing anything “new;” but, once you are accustomed to working with Enviro-Septic®, we are confident you will find our system to be quicker, easier, less expensive and more versatile to design and install.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions about the enclosed Training Update, Design Worksheet or Installation Checklist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing to recommend the Enviro-Septic® Technology to your clients.

We look forward to many years of working together with you to provide an effective solution for onsite wastewater treatment in Indiana.