The Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System is approved for use in Connecticut; however, our current approval requires the system to be designed in much the same way as a conventional pipe and stone system. In other states where we are approved for use, our systems are given a significantly reduced bed size and/or reduced separation distance to restrictive features in recognition of our superior treatment capabilities. For example, in New Hampshire, our bed size can be less than half the size of a conventional leachfield, and our system can be installed closer to the water table than any other approved product.

The smaller bed size requirement is primarily what makes our system a good value to the consumer, since less fill material, excavation, and labor is required to install our system. However, since the State of Connecticut does not allow for a bed size reduction with our product, using our system would simply not be cost-effective for the consumer. For this reason, we have elected not to distribute Enviro-Septic® in Connecticut at this time.

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