BNQ Certification

The Advanced Enviro-Septic™ (AES) Treatment System has been certified by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ) under the NQ-3680-910 standard (classIII certification, secondary advanced treatment level) (Wastewater Treatment – Stand-Alone Wastewater Treatment Systems for Isolated Dwellings). Although Enviro-Septic® has provided superior treatment in the US since 1995, only Advanced Enviro-Septic™ is approved for use in Canada.

This certification allows the system to be used in:

  • Quebec
  • British Columbia (recognizes the certification above and allows Advanced Enviro-Septic™ to be used as a type 2 treatment system)

Additional Approvals and Authorizations

Ontario: Advanced Enviro-Septic™ (AES) received a BMEC (Building Material Evaluation Commission) authorization # 08-03-340 for use as an alternative to a “Class 4 Wastewater treatment System” regulated under section 8.6, division B of the Ontario Building Code.

New Brunswick: AES must be approved project by project by the health inspector for each site. BNQ certification is used to support permit applications.

Manitoba: AES received a letter of authorization for demonstration sites. Approval is valid for 3 years as long as a performance measured report is filed after 2 years of use.

Alberta: An Engineered design is required for an AES System on a site by site approval basis. THe BNQ certification is used to support permit applications.

Saskatchewan: Allows installation of Advanced Enviro-Septic™ Treatment System since it has been certified by a recognized body (BNQ).


St-Denis-de-Brompton, QC

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