Advanced Enviro-Septic® Now Approved in the State of Maine!

We are proud to introduce the  Advanced Enviro-Septic® Treatment System (“AES”) in Maine. Advanced Enviro-Septic® is the next generation of our effective and reliable Enviro-Septic® technology; it has received Class I Certification under NSF International/ANSI’s Standard 40 for Wastewater Treatment Devices. The AES product is also approved for non-NSF Certified installations in Maine.  To read more, see our Maine AES Technical Bulletin.

Manuals, Approvals and Forms

Design and Installation of AES Systems in Maine: The Design and Installation criteria for AES are nearly identical to those for Enviro-Septic®; the only difference is to ensure that pipes are positioned so that the white Bio-Accelerator® is centered along the bottom of the pipe, and venting is mandatory for AES. The State of Maine has approved AES under the same terms and conditions and using the same manual as is currently being used for Enviro-Septic®. For non-NSF certified systems, the Enviro-Septic® Design and Installation Manual and Maine State Attachment provide requirements for design, installation and use. It is acceptable to substitute AES into a plan for an Enviro-Septic® system; however, if the designer’s plan specifies AES, Enviro-Septic® cannot be substituted for AES. For a limited time during this transition, we will continue to offer original Enviro-Septic® to accommodate customers who have already submitted plans for or contracted for an Enviro-Septic® system. Industry Professionals who are certified to design/install Enviro-Septic® in Maine will not be required to re-certify in order to use AES; however, certification will be required for those who have not previously completed Enviro-Septic® training. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the many advantages offered by Advanced Enviro-Septic®. Certification training is now available via the convenience of online webinars.

To design and install an Advanced Enviro-Septic® or Enviro-Septic® System you will need both the design and installation manual and the state attachment. Inside the state attachment you will find the state approval as well as design and installation information specific to your state.

Presby Environmental strongly encourages all those involved in the design, installation or permitting of an onsite Enviro-Septic® System to attend a certification course. To view the class schedule and certification options available click here. The State will allow 4 PDHs (Professional Development Hours) for Site Evaluators and Licensed Installers who complete an onsite course.



Site Evaluators, download Enviro-Septic® HHE 200 forms here.

Presby Maze®


De-Nyte®, Presby Environmental’s nitrate reduction product that utilizes entirely natural processes is approved for use in Maine.


Previously the State of Maine’s acceptance conditions for Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems required that the separation distance to the seasonal groundwater table or other limiting factor be measured from the bottom of the sand in the system. Newly modified acceptance conditions allow this measurement to be taken from the bottom of the Enviro-Septic® pipe. This new separation measurement allows Enviro-Septic® Systems to be installed 6″ closer to the seasonal groundwater table or other limiting factor.

This acceptance modification was granted because of data received from extensive third-party tests conducted in Canada and at the University of New Hampshire and presented to the Maine Bureau of Health. These tests compared the Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System with conventional pipe and stone installations and determined beyond question that the Enviro-Septic® System is by far more effective, efficient, and environmentally safe.

This acceptance modification means a great deal to homeowners or commercial businesses. Here are just a few of the new advantages.

  1. More in-ground installations will be feasible. In-ground installations eliminate the need for costly and unsightly mounded systems.
  2. A system previously requiring a costly pump may no longer need one. Installing a system 6″ lower could accommodate a gravity system.
  3. Designs previously requiring elevated building foundations to allow for gravity fed systems could eliminate or reduce this requirement. Handling of large amounts of costly fill would be eliminated and greater site flexibility realized.
  4. System locations will be more site flexible. A mere 6″ adjustment could allow a home or building to be more conveniently situated on a site.
  5. Multi-LevelTM Enviro-Septic® Systems will also get a 6″ advantage.

In general, saving money and providing enhanced installation flexibility are two major factors affected by this modification. Add to that the superior environmental protection offered by Enviro-Septic® and you have the key to our continuing growth and acceptance throughout North America.

For actual approval letter click here (103 KB).


In Maine, certification is required for all designers and installers. The classes are a great way to learn more about our product, even if you are not seeking certification. We strongly recommend regulators involved in the review and inspection of Enviro-Septic® or EnviroFin® Technologies take the certification training.

As part of certification, an assessment test is required. This should be taken only after viewing the class videos or attending on-site training, reading the Design and Installation Manuals and Advanced Enviro-Septic® Technical Bulletin. The test is open book and is not timed. A passing score of 70% is required for certification.

Required Reading

March 2014 Design and Installation Manual for Maine

Maine EF Manual 1-14-16

PEI EnviroFin D&I Manual Addendum 7-13-16

Online Certification Classes

(A high speed internet connection is required for online classes. If you don’t have access to high speed, contact us and we’ll send you a DVD. See DVD certification classes section below.)

Maine Online Certification Training for Enviro-Septic®

Maine Online Certification Training for EnviroFin®

DVD Certification Classes

If you do not have a high speed internet connection, we can mail you the presentation in DVD format (only viewable on a computer running Windows).

Please complete the following request form: ME DVD Request

Online Certification Test

After viewing the reading materials and training videos, follow the link below to the assessment test. We highly recommend that you download and print the Required Reading materials for the open book test which is not timed. If you receive a score of 70% or better, you will be emailed a copy of your Presby Certification Certificate, provided you give correct and accurate contact information to ensure proper certification. Please allow five business days to process your test and deliver your certification.

ME Online Certification Test for Enviro-Septic®

ME Online Certification Test for EnviroFin®

The assessment test is only offered online. If you have special needs contact our Training Coordinator at 800-473-5298 x26.

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