Replacement or New Construction Septic Issue

Advanced Enviro-Septic® / Enviro-Septic® Answer

Antiquated, undersized septic on small lot

Sizing of system smaller than other passive systems

Sloping lot

Up to 25% sloping installation approved

High water table

In many states, can be installed closer to water table or restrictive feature than other products

Odd-shaped lot

Flexible pipe can be installed with bends up to 90 degrees; can be designed in virtually any shape

Loss of pleasing aesthetic features on property

May be installed around desirable features

Limited funds available for replacement

Costs less to install due to smaller size and quick, easy installation

Property is remote; power supply is undependable

Needs no electricity to operate if gravity system; no moving parts, no metering or computer controls

Client wants dependability and peace of mind

If properly designed, installed and utilized, will last indefinitely (if abused, has ability to be rejuvenated in as little as 72 hours)

Client wants long term customer support

Friendly, professional customer support staff are just an email or phone call away

Client places importance on environmental protection

AES/Enviro-Septic®is made using significant amounts of recycled plastic and protects the soil and groundwater by releasing only treated wastewater

Client needs proof the new system will work

Repeatedly third party tested to prove that treatment results exceed standards in US and Canada for wastewater treatment