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In Today’s Market, a Septic System is a Real Investment.

Whether it is a new or replacement system for your home, business or community, you are looking for the most value for your dollar, and we can help.


You can rest easy with the Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) and Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems, knowing that you are making a wise investment.

  • Proven performance
  • Excellent track record
  • Less expense
  • Environmental protection
  • Longevity
  • Value

Flexible Design Gives You the Freedom to Utilize the Natural Terrain

  • Small footprint
  • Flat or sloping lots
  • Odd-shaped or confined areas
  • Curved around your favorite tree or garden
  • Virtually any capacity to accommodate residential, community or commercial use

Enviro-Septic® Technology creates a living, breathing ecosystem that purifies wastewater before releasing it into the ground, effectively combining treatment and dispersal in one small footprint. Both soil and groundwater are protected from contamination.

Conventional septic systems with leach fields rely on the underlying soil for treatment, creating the potential for soil and groundwater contamination. This contamination clogs the soil, eventually causing septic system failure.

How Envro-Septic® Technology Works

20140828_Home&Biz_20_01Enviro-Septic® Technology’s unique design and reduced size allows it to be installed quickly and easily, minimizing the expense of a new or replacement septic system.

  • Less excavation time, labor and equipment costs
  • No electricity, mechanical devices or crushed stone
  • No chemicals, additives or replacement media
  • No pumps, alarms, maintenance contracts, etc.

Our training, tech support and design tools are all provided free of charge

20140828_Home&Biz_30_01The unique design features engineered for the AES and Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems have raised the bar from those of conventional septic and leach field systems.   Wastewater is highly purified before it leaves the System and safely recharges natural water supplies.

  • Safely removes up to 99% of wastewater contaminants
  • Protects nearby lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, wells and groundwater
  • Exceeds EPA recommendations & other wastewater standards for onsite septic systems

20140828_Home&Biz_40_01The design versatility of the AES and Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment Systems preserve the natural terrain.

  • Small footprint
  • Installs on sloping terrain, minimizing mounds
  • No septic system reserve area (in most cases)
  • Preserve landscape features with unique configurations

AES and Enviro-Septic® have an extremely low failure rate, and the unique ability to be “rejuvenated” if the System malfunctions. It has become the “system of choice” in our home state of New Hampshire–accounting for 90-95% of system installations statewide in recent years. It has been in use in New England since 1995.

Proper use and maintenance of Enviro-Septic® Technology is supported with our Owner’s Manuals.

AES Owner’s Manual (PDF)

ES Owner’s Manual (PDF)

AES and Enviro-Septic® pipe is a proprietary device covered by numerous US Patents and manufactured exclusively by Presby Environmental/Presby Plastics.