Sustainability Initiatives

Presby Environmental - Sustainability InitiativesPresby Environmental’s commitment to sustainability is integral to the creation, manufacturing, and performance of our products.

“A century ago, the average American used only about 10 gallons of water a day to drink, cook, clean, and bathe.  Today, Americans use 100 gallons a day per person on average, causing stresses on our sources of drinking water.”

EPA 2010

Advanced Enviro-Septic®Achieves NSF Standard 40 Class I Certification
20140828_EnvSustain_10_01The performance of Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) is proven to exceed US EPA guidelines and the effluent quality standards of NSF Standard 40 Class I, and BNQ (Advanced Secondary) in Canada.

The treated wastewater has been purified to such a high degree that it can be safely reused for some irrigation applications or naturally recharge water resources. No electricity, mechanical device or replacement media is needed to achieve these outstanding results.

20140828_GlobalInitiative_10_01Presby Environmental began it’s international efforts in Canada in 2000, and after considerable testing by the Canadian Government Enviro-Septic® Technology was issued certifications for Advanced Secondary and Secondary Treatment by BNQ.

Presby Environmental is currently working with the US Government, our Canadian Distributor, and independently to install test sites in Mexico, Algeria, and Belgium, as well as negotiating distributorship agreements in  Singapore, Australia, and Brazil.

Presby Environmental is looking for qualified international distributors to bring this exciting technology into new markets. To discuss the opportunity to represent the Enviro-Septic® Technology in a new market… contact us.

Use of Recycled Plastic and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

20140828_EnvSustain_20_01Presby Environmental, Inc. and Presby Plastics, Inc. are the exclusive manufacturers of AES and Enviro-Septic® pipe.

  • The manufacture of our products uses 30% recycled materials that are not acceptable for most manufacturing purposes
  • By using recycled material, PEI prevents millions of pounds or more of plastic from going into a landfill every year
  • We are committed to using responsible manufacturing processes and conserving natural resources in all our business operations
  • Presby Environmental recently donated containers that enabled a local school district to implement a plastic recycling program

“Goal 7, target 10 of the Millennium Development Goals (MGD) aims at halving by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to basic sanitation.”

20140828_GlobalInitiative_20_01Presby Environmental is dedicated to being part of the solution. This is why PEI is a green company committed to working with governments and organizations ranging in scope from the World Heath Organization & the United Nations to small community organizations that are interested in environmental sustainability.

The cost and infrastructure associated with centralized sewerage and mechanical onsite wastewater treatment systems have long been prohibiting factors to providing basic sanitation to a huge portion of the world’s population. PEI has designed the Enviro-Septic® Technology with the obstacles in mind!

Enviro-Septic® Technology can be installed by hand and requires…

  • No electricity
  • No pumps
  • No filters
  • No replacement media or additives
  • No monitoring

The system is simple to install, requires no special maintenance, and is easily transported to remote areas due to its light weight design.

Although shown in this photo being installed with an excavator, Enviro-Septic® Technology can be installed without heavy equipment. This makes it ideal for remote locations where heavy equipment is not available.

This technology can be designed to service a single residence or an entire community at a fraction  of the cost and labor of any other system that provides this level of treatment.

The treated water coming out of the system can be reclaimed and reused for some irrigation applications.

Meeting the MDG target would avert 470 thousand deaths and result in an extra 320 million productive working days every year. Depending on the region of the world, economic benefits have been estimated to range from US$ 3 to US$ 34 for each dollar invested.

Reaching the MDG sanitation target will require an unprecedented effort since 2.6 billion people lacked access to basic sanitation in 2002. Enviro-Septic® Technology can make reaching this goal and others much more practical and cost effective.

Preserving the Site

20140828_EnvSustain_30_01AES’s and Enviro-Septic®‘s advanced treatment capabilities and design flexibility minimizes the impact on the site.

  • Smaller treatment field
  • No electricity or mechanical parts
  • No special maintenance
  • Blends into unusual configurations and sloping terrain
  • Can be installed by hand, cutting heavy equipment fuel costs and protecting sensitive areas from surface damage
  • Releases highly purified wastewater that protects soil and groundwater

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Technology is an Important Part of a Sustainable Future

20140828_EnvSustain_40_01Onsite wastewater treatment is now recognized as the future of wastewater treatment. Centralized plants are being replaced or supplemented with decentralized treatment systems. The benefits of onsite treatment are many considering the scale of the centralized plants and the associated infrastructure needed for large, sprawling populations.

  • Wastewater is treated near the point of origin, reducing costs of long distance export to a treatment plant along with the cost of importing the clean water back to the point of origin
  • Individual and cluster systems are designed to meet present need
  • Project planning and installation times are short
  • No need for massive and costly pipeline and pump station infrastructure

For more on the benefits of onsite wastewater treatment…click here.

LEED Participation

Presby Environmental, Inc. was a proud sponsor of one of the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified homes in the state of New Hampshire. This demonstration home was showcased at the Parade of Homes in October, 2007 and received a “Silver” LEED certification.

LEED is a national rating system that ranks the design, construction and performance of green buildings, including homes. Certifications are based on environmentally-friendly building practices, including site sustainability, water efficiency and energy resources.

The Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System was selected for the LEED home due to its minimal site impact, zero energy consumption and high level of environmental protection.

PEI’s Ongoing Commitment to Community Service Initiatives

20140828_EnvSustain_60_01Earth Day 2010 – PEI Personnel spent their afternoon picking up litter along three miles of roadways in the vicinity of our plant, collecting 40 bags of trash.

Charitable Donations – PEI has provided free or discounted materials to many charities, including several Habitat for Humanity projects, animal shelters, and other non-profit organizations.