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Dear Designer

These files are intended to aid in designing an Advanced Enviro-Septic™  (AES) Treatment System or an Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System. There will be additional information required for a plan to be complete. Use these files at your own risk.

AutoCAD Format Files

All drawing files are in AutoCAD version 2000 format.

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Please note the following naming conventions for AES or Enviro-Septic® Bed plans:

nnnLGxcccCL_rrrR_sssS.dwgb where:

nnn = Length of row in feet

ccc = Center Line spacing in feet

rrr = Total number of rows

sss = (optional)Number of special sections
Please note the following:

  • The drawing length in the naming is Pipe length not system sand length
  • The total pipe width is not shown because it is a function of the Spacing and number of rows
  • The raised adapters are provided for convenience and may need to be altered depending on the need for Serial sections
  • The system sand outline has not been provided due to varying sand configurations that are slope specific
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Directory - Enviro-Septic Formats
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