PresbyBuildingPhotoPresby Environmental Inc. (PEI) , founded in 1995 by inventor and entrepreneur David Presby, is  an innovative environmental organization that engineers new technology to change the way the world approaches wastewater treatment. Today the company is working at the cutting edge of water pollution control to help protect and preserve our most precious natural resources. At the age of 14, New Hampshire native David Presby began his career apprenticing under his father at Presby Construction. In the 1980’s, while working with different aspects of the wastewater and construction industry, the lack of a reliable, cost effective approach to wastewater treatment motivated David to begin conceptualizing what later became the Enviro-Septic® Technology. Over the years, through extensive testing and R&D, this technology evolved into the world’s most practical and effective wastewater treatment system, the Advanced Enviro-Septic® Wastewater Treatment System. Presby Environmental has continued to combine innovation, simplicity and extensive research and development into a patented a line of complimentary onsite wastewater treatment technologies, including Simple-Septic®, the Presby Maze®, and Spec-Check®, which are manufactured at PEI’s state-of-the-art facility in Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA. Presby Environmental is affiliated with two other companies, Presby Construction and Presby Plastics. These companies have specialized in onsite wastewater system manufacturing, design, installation, and maintenance for over 50 years.